Our Approach

This organization shall be known as "American Rural Innovation Center Inc" (sometimes referred to herein as the "ARIC Consortium”). ARIC is a consortium for bringing Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Traders, Bankers, Educators, and Authorities / Regulators together for the benefit of Rural Development. Each ARIC center will act as an Innovation Incubation Hub for the local rural community. While ARIC Consortium is a Non-Profit organization, each ARIC center shall be a self-funded, for-profit or non-profit research & development organization that shall generate employment and business opportunities for farmers and other rural citizens and improve their quality of Life and Living Standards. Some of the ARIC Centers shall also be sub-chapter non-profits of ARIC Consortium as defined by section 2.18 of its By-Laws.

Meet the Team

Every good organization whether for-profit or non-profit becomes a great organization just because of the people. We would like to build and make ARIC a great non-profit consortium to eliminate the gap between Rural and Urban areas. Help us by joining hands along with its current leaders.


Suresh M Kannan

Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO

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Vice President & COO

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Treasurer & CFO

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